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Ocean Tipping Points collaborative launches new science-based guide, tools and resources to support management of a changing ocean
Q&A with Fiorenza Micheli: Monitoring human rights in the seafood sector
New Video Release: Second of a Series of Solutions
Scientists Launch Global Framework to Curb Social and Human Rights Abuses in the Seafood Sector
Researchers and ocean managers working together on the Ocean Tipping Points Project have just launched a new website portal that provides concrete analytical tools, guidance and resources to help ocean managers predict and prevent the crossing of tipping points, or recover from ones already crossed, in order to keep ecosystems healthy and resilient.
A group of scientists, including Stanford professor Fiorrenza Micheli, has urged marine scientists to focus attention on human rights violations and other social issues in the seafood sector, in addition to advocating for sustainable practices.
Check out our newest episode in the Series of Solutions where we talk about environmental DNA and how it can be used to understand biodiversity in the ocean. 
As the United Nations Oceans Conference convenes in New York, a new paper calls on marine scientists to focus on human rights violations and other social issues in the seafood industry. 

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